APEX LEGENDS Genesis Event Details

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APEX LEGENDS Genesis Event

EA and Respawn’s upcoming Genesis Event is all ready for the hit battle royale game, Apex Legends! The event is starting off tomorrow, June 29th, and running through July 13th. There’s even an event trailer to tell us what is coming for us.

Amongst the many changes that are coming, those fighting on non-ranked matches (Duos and Trios) will get a throwback experience of playing on the OG Battle Royale Maps. Season 0 Kings Canyon and Season 3 World’s Edge are coming back in their original form for a limited time! Even more, the notorious Skull Town area is making its way to Arenas Mode as a new map!

The event will also come with an all-new Rewards Track for players to collect several new free unlockables. The new rewards come with cosmetics such as Charge Rifle and EVA-8 skins, charms, Legend skins, and more! You can earn 1,600 points per day, and challenges will refresh daily. There are also stretch challenges that award four various badges if you fulfill the requirements during the event. These challenges will all stack with your Battle Pass, enabling you to complete multiple challenges at once.

There will also be 24 event-specific new items available for purchase from the game’s store. Those who collect all 24 event items will unlock the new Revenant Heirloom set. The heirloom will also be available to craft, once the Genesis Collection Event ends.

The event also involves a well-timed patch update for the game. This patch adds Legend and weapons balance updates, Arenas updates, quality of life changes, and bug fixes. To read the complete list of changes coming with the start of this event, check out the official Apex Legends event page.

The new event comes as the game enters its second half of Season 9, which is scheduled to conclude on August 3rd. The latest season ushered in a new playable Legend, Valkyrie, who boasts a jet pack and missile launcher!

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game that’s available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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