Apex Legends Is Taking Players Away From Fortnite?

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The popular belief is that Apex Legends is taking gamers away from the Fortnite since Respawn’s Apex Legends battle royale game released it has already grown to 50 million players. However, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has said that contrary to popular belief, Apex Legends hasn’t really taken players away from Fortnite.

Gamers see AL as a true Fortnite competitor. It hit 25 million players in just seven days after launch while Fornite achieved the same milestone in 41 days. It took Fortnite four months to reach 50 million players, but Apex did it in just one month. Some of those players have to be Fortnite players right?

“We’re very close to hitting 250 million Fortnite players,” Sweeney told GamesBeat recently, adding that “Since Apex Legends came out, we’ve gained an Apex Legends worth of Fortnite players, which is amazing.”

He also said that the only game that really takes away players from Fortnite is FIFA. He said that a Fortnite non-event peak has been hit twice since Apex Legends was released. “We haven’t seen any visible cut into Fortnite,” he reiterated, saying that “it’s a funny thing. The only game you can see where its peaks cut into Fortnite playtime is FIFA. It’s another game for everybody, wildly popular around the world.” It just goes to show that you never know which games players leave a game for.


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