App Controlled Smart Toaster, Now Toast Your Designs

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App Controlled Smart Toaster

The Toasteroid is a unique toaster that is controlled by an app that offers a wide selection of fun designs that literally get baked into bread. Users can also toast designs of their own hand with the handy doodle function within the app. How awesome is this!

Toasteroid is NOT just a toaster. An ordinary toaster turns bread brown and that’s the ONLY thing a toaster can do. Toasteroid can be your personal Weather Forecaster, Private Messenger, and Doodle Pad. It can do all of the above with simple commands from your smartphone and still make the most perfect piece of toast you’ve ever had. Making toast with Toasteroid is super easy. Just download the Toasteroid companion mobile app, connect your smart phone to Toasteroid via Bluetooth and toast away! …Making Custom images is just as easy. Select the Custom Image option from the main menu and start doodling! You can also use this option to write custom messages, reminders, and greetings too!

App Controlled Smart Toaster


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