Apple AirPower Wireless Charger Release Date Announced

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Apple AirPower Wireless Charger

Apple announced their AirPower Wireless Charger for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 handsets last year, although the company announced that it would not launch until 2018.

The device has yet to go on sale and according to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the wireless charger will be launching in September.

We were expecting it to launch earlier in 2018 but it looks like we have to wait till September.

Apple’s wireless charger is different to other ones on the market, it comes with a custom chip and a stripped down version of Apple’s iOS. Apparently, the gadget has been delayed due to technical problems, exactly what these remain to be seen.

Apple ate launching three new iPhone X handsets in September, all of these will come with wireless charging so it would make sense for their wireless charger to launch at the same time.



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