Apple Cheese Grater Style PC Case Is Now Here!

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Apple Cheese Grater Style PC Case

Apple’s cheese grater case design copies are out there now and it is available now and quite affordably priced at just $60 allowing you to build your Hackintosh and save a significant amount of money when compared to the top of the range Apple Mac Pro priced at more than $50,000. The PC case comes with a grill front that has been created by Phanteks’ gaming brand, Metallicgear and named the Metallicgear Neo Pro.

Metallicgear Neo Pro PC case will be available in March, April 2020 and it will cost you $60. As you can imagine such an economical price comes with a few alterations have been made one of which is that the case is made from plastic rather than aluminum and the round vents are slightly changed to Apple’s design.

The Metallicgear Neo Pro PC Is able of accepting an ATX motherboard and will be ready in both silver and black finishes and arrives with two internal plans and a tempered glass side panel, the PC case looks good in the price for sure.

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