Apple Glass Leak Revealed Price, Name And a Release Date

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Apple Glass

Apple Glass will reportedly cost $499 and could be announced this fall.

Apple Glasses reports have ramped up in recent weeks, but today we’ve got our best look yet at the AR lenses by of the most notable Apple leaker.

After teasing his news on Apple Glasses last week, Tech host Jon Prosser unleashed a video this morning sharing everything he knows about one of “Apple’s most mysterious products ever,” which will simply be called “Apple Glass.”

The Apple Glass prototype has reportedly seen looks like an “un-intimidating” pair of glasses. It has a LiDAR scanner on the right temple, but no other cameras for privacy reasons. The glasses come with a stand and with a wireless charger.

There are displays in both lenses that use an interface called “Starboard,” which can be managed by gestures on the frames or by using your hands in front of them. But only if you are the wearer can you see the display — a passerby wouldn’t be able to recognize that they’re actually high-tech glasses.

Apple Glass will cost $499, plus prescription, but won’t be given in a tinted variety. The price seems low considering that Apple’s flagship phones and wearables cost a lot more, but the leaker has an undeniable track record when it comes to pricing.

All the processing will happen on an iPhone, which could give to the lens’ low cost. In other words, Apple Glass will work more like an iPhone accessory than a standalone device. Prosser examines the processing relationship to that of the first-generation Apple Watch.

What’s perhaps most exciting to us about Prosser’s reveal is his position that Apple Glass will not be a “life-changing” gadget. In fact, he says we should “temper our expectations,” particularly for the release model.

Prosser states that the Apple Glass unveil could be positioned as a “one more thing,” announcement after Tim Cook debuts the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 at the company’s September keynote.

And even when Apple Glass is announced, it won’t be available to buy for many months in the future. He suggests the earliest it could come to market is the end of 2021.



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