Apple Got It’s Own Virtual Reality Devices for iPhone

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Virtual Reality Devices for iPhone

The View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer is virtual reality device for iPhones and most smartphones — and Apple has made it available for the small price of $29.95 in its online store.

view master apple

The View-Master was a quiet addition to Apple’s online store. The device is a play on the old View-Masters some of us played with as children. It’s not a hands-free device, users will have to hold the viewer up to their eyes just like the View-Masters of old. Despite its lack of features, the View-Master, much like Google’s Cardboard headset, allows curious consumers to dip their toe into virtual reality.

view master apple

“A number of technologies [are] coming together: infinite computing, very cheap high-resolution cameras, machine-learning capabilities, low-latency/high-bandwidth networks,” Peter Diamandis, the Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, said early last year in an interview with BigThink. “All of these things are coming together to reinvent the virtual world experience.”

view master apple

Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Program has been amassing a library of places, where classrooms can take field-trips to the Great Barrier Reef or to walk the rooms within Buckingham Palace. SpaceVR is on a similar mission. It plans to setup a 360-degree video camera in the International Space Station. Its founders believe seeing the Earth from outer-space could trigger a cognitive shift — one only astronauts have experienced.


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