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Apple Home Kit

Home automation is something that has existed for many years now, growing more and more convoluted with every technological advancement. Now that the technological level has risen to the level of using computers and digital connections to other networks in order to properly function, more people are looking for a way to control their smart home solutions from a central place, either to be able to control lights and TVs, etc. from one single point without needing to move from where they were, or if people want to be able to control their home remotely. For this reason, more and more companies are offering apps that can control all the home automation from one particular device, depending on what type of device people have, and what home automation they have.

Having linear actuators in the automation which is controlled via the app can open up new channels of how to use them. Linear actuators are used mainly to control the furniture which moves in a home, such as a TV lift, and as such, are there to replace human effort. Having the app control a linear actuator takes away, even more, the possibility of human error, allowing them to function more efficiently.

Electric Actuators Zone

Homekit App

This is the main app used by Apple to allow people to control their home automation devices. It comes delivered with other home automation and can be used either locally or remotely (it can be used by people who are in the house with the home automation, or away from the house). Homekit is useful because it can integrate with both Siri and iCloud, and is a very easy app to use in general. For the app to work, the homeowner has to have at least one home automation project which can be detected by it, but the app controls security, lighting, and heating, and allows users to configure the settings to identify by the room which automated devices they are accessing. Users of the app must have iOS 10, but they can bring other users to their apps if they feel the need.


This app is specifically designed to handle water on an automated timer – sprinklers and hoses can be set up with a specific time and pattern, and controlled via the app to give the best spread of water possible. Rachio will allow homeowners to set timing and patterns to allow them and their gardens as much water as possible at the best times for them – whether that be a short time in the morning and then lots at night, or a good watering right before a garden party, is up to the user.

Control 4

Control 4 is an app that can control home automation locally and remotely, and it can control a variety of automation, both inside the house and out. Rather than focusing on one specific area of home automation, Control 4 allows for control over a variety of processes, including lights, heating, water systems, security systems, and more.


Savant is only available for devices that run on iOS, which does limit the users who have access to it, but beyond that, it is one of the best apps for temperature control available right now. The app can allow users to set programs for heating and cooling, for when the heating comes on, and when it goes off, as well as being able to control it manually if they need to.


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