Apple Increased Production of the iPhone 7 Due To Samsung’s Exploding Phones

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 iPhone 7

It appears that Apple is feeling pretty confident that its next-generation iPhone is going to be a huge success as it has reportedly increased orders of the components needed to manufacture the handset by 10 percent.

it’s more than likely that the Cupertino company has instructed its supply line to increase the production of the handset in response to its main competitor’s humiliating failure to deliver a working version of its most sought after handset. After all, it was only last Friday that Samsung was forced to recall all of the Galaxy Note 7’s that had already made their way into the hands of consumers.

Amazon and T-Mobile revealed this weekend that they would be issuing full refunds to those who had ordered a Galaxy Note 7, and now it’s looking like Apple is hoping to cash in on Samsung’s misfortune by snatching a load of its loyal customers.


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