Apple iOS 10 Announced and It Is Bigger Then Ever

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Apple iOS 10

At WWDC event today, apple unveiled iOS 10. As usual, there are a lot of new features in tow.

First up, iOS 10 will be able to preview your notifications by simply raising your phone. It’s somewhat akin to Motorola’s Active Display, except you actually have to move your phone. Tons of Android phones do something of the sort, but it’ll be nice to have for team Apple.

Meanwhile, you can use 3D touch to do things like interact with notifications, even from the lock screen. You can have a full conversation in chat apps without ever unlocking your phone, check full sports updates, or view app map preview of where your Uber is.

Apple iOS 10

Another lockscreen feature: swipe to the right to access your camera (innovation!). You can also swipe left to view your widgets, if you still use those.

The control center is getting a slight refresh with a cleaner look too, with a dedicated pane for audio.

Siri has been opened up to third-party apps, meaning that it can tap in to performing actions within specific apps such as “Send a WeChat to Nancy.” Other integrated apps include WhatsApp, Slack, Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Square, Skype and more.


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