Apple iPhone SE: 5 Facts About The Smartphone

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Apple iPhone SE

Good news for the all the Apple aficionados! Apple has launched a new mini iPhone at comparatively affordable price than the larger counterparts. Named as the iPhone SE, the latest model from the house of Apple has launched on 21st of March at the “In the Loop” event.

The very concept of the iPhone SE is to go back to the original thinking of Apple that small mobile phones are actually good and more practical than large phones. Although large mobile phones or phablets are all the rage, it is actually true that mobile phones were essentially supposed to be very compact so that they can easily fit into your pockets and can be easily used by a single hand. Large screened smartphones obviously don’t offer these ease of carrying and usage, but no one cares about that, as they are so attractive and flaunt worthy. Going with the flow Apple had to enlarge the screens of its new offerings. Nevertheless, Apple hasn’t moved away from its original thinking and that’s why the small iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a little 4-inch iPhone which has launched to offer the Apple phone lovers a chance to once again enjoy a small iPhone. However, though small in size it is big in performance. In fact, it is as good as the iPhone 6s when performance is concerned and is thrice as fast as the iPhone 5s. The new iPhone SE will probably also lead to the price slashing of the iPhone 5s.

Apple iPhone SE

Here are the top 5 facts that you need to know about the new Apple iPhone SE smartphone:

  1. A smaller 4 Inch Display

For many years, Apple refused to offer the phones with jumbo display screens and insisted that its loyal customers are more than satisfied with and preferred the conveniently sized iPhones which they can easily operate in one hand, which is not possible with anything beyond 4 inches. Well, Apple has shifted from that notion and has its large iPhone 6 and 6s. However, the new iPhone SE goes back to Apple’s favorite 4-inch size that the iPhone 5s offers. This smaller new iPhone is also targeted at developing markets such as India, where the very expensive mobile phones are not that popular yet. The new iPhone SE has already entered production and will be entering the market for sale soon.

  1. Familiar Design, but Different Camera

The new iPhone SE looks very similar to that of the design of the iPhone 5s, which is indicative of the fact that it is meant to replace the iPhone 5s and become the company’s new more affordable iPhone option. However, the iPhone SE is not exactly similar looking to the iPhone 5s and also blends in some design elements of 6s in order to look more alluring.

On the whole, the new iPhone SE looks fantastic with its perfect blend of cuteness and sophistication in one small yet dazzling looking smartphone. The device flaunts a full metal body with matte edges and semi-matte semi-glossy logo like the 6s, while the color options are also the same as the 6s – Gold, Silver, Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold. A previously speculated hot pink option didn’t come through, which could have added some color pop fun in the range.

While the iPhone SE has a similar design to the 5s, but its camera is very different and improved. It gets the much appreciated 12 MP camera straight from the iPhone 6s and also offers Live Photos feature. The camera offers 4K video recording support, a huge upgrade from the 5s. The secondary front-facing snapper will also offer retina flash to enable great selfies in low light conditions.

Apple iPhone SE

  1. Boasts of the Latest Processor and Apple Pay Support

The iPhone SE is the latest smartphone that features an NFC chip, and thus it can offer the convenience of Apple Pay. The device also has boasted of being powered by the newest and best A9 processor to offer super smooth and much faster processing as compared against its similar-sized model, the iPhone 5s. The A9 chipset will also come with an M9 chip in order to support the always-on “Hey Siri” feature, which is a major draw of iPhones.

Thus, although the new iPhone SE is a small-sized smartphone, it is packed with great big capabilities to make it an edgy new iPhone which should be pleasing the latest smartphone buyers and those iPhone buyers who actually preferred a high-end but small-sized phone. In that sense, the iPhone SE is a really good new offering from the offering, as it comes with the latest processor and very fast performance, apart from a whole lot of features and capabilities right from the iPhone 6s. In fact, it was rumored that the phone will be called the iPhone 6c due to is a similarity to the 6s in terms of capabilities.

  1. Built-in Touch ID and Apple Pay

The new iPhone SE also offers the convenience of the Touch ID as well as Apple Pay right out of the box as these are offered as in-built features. However, on the flip side, the new model does not offer the capability of 3D Touch.

  1. To Cost $399, While Likely to Make iPhone 5s Cheaper

The new Apple iPhone SE will be priced starting from $399. This will make the iPhone SE the cheapest of all iPhones that Apple ever churned out. This price has really come as a surprise for an iPhone which is always expected to be very expensive. The 64 GB version of the iPhone SE will be tagged at $499. In India, the iPhone SE will have a starting price of Rs. 39,000.

Rumors are rife that the iPhone SE will definitely have an impact on the older model, the iPhone 5s’s price. Some reports say that the iPhone 5s could get its price slashed by half of its present cost when the iPhone SE actually hits the market. Other reports say that the iPhone 5s will not be getting cheaper, as it will be simply discontinued. The iPhone 5s has already gone unavailable in Apple’s stores.

The new iPhone SE will be available from the 31st of March.

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