Apple Might Bring Dual Bluetooth Audio Connections to The Upcoming iPhones

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Apple Airpods

Wireless audio is gradually becoming the standard for mobile phones and tablets. This has created a lot of annoyance, but there are advantages, too. One is the capability to send audio signals to two different Bluetooth devices together. Some Samsung phones can already do this, and according to a report from Japanese blog Mac Otakara(spotted via Mac Rumors), Apple might be taking the feature to the upcoming iPhones as well.

Being able to connect to more than one Bluetooth gadget can be effective in a range of scenarios. You might want to attach your phone to your car’s audio system to give GPS instructions while also playing music through earphones or, you and a friend might want to watch a movie on a long trip. Being able to attach to various sets of headphones would allow you both to enjoy the audio experience.

Samsung’s dual wireless audio feature is available on a handful of devices, and needs Bluetooth 5.0 to operate. As Mac Rumors points out, if Apple achieves dual audio in the same way, it could bring the functionality to older iPhones that support Bluetooth 5.0 via a software update.

Mac Otakara cites a supply chain source but doesn’t say which iPhone model will be getting this new update. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what happens next to the new set of iPhones.

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