Apple Released Information Of iOS 11.4 And iOS 11.3 Is Still In Beta!

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Apple AirPlay 2

iOS 11.3 will be coming tomorrow, Finally! and we don’t even test the new iOS update and now Apple has revealed details about iOS 11.4.

Apple announced their new ClassKit Framework for education revealed that this will be released when iOS 11.4 becomes available.

The new iOS 11.3 software update is Apple’s largest since the release of iOS 11, it will bring a wide range of new features to the iPhone and iPad. The new features will include four new Animoji, these will include a dragon, bear, lion. Plus ARKit 1.5 and support for messages in iCloud.

It also brings Apple’s new battery management feature to Apple devices. This feature will give us a lot more information about the battery status of devices. It will let you know the battery health and will also let you know if your battery needs replace. You will be able to turn off Apple’s battery management feature that slows down older iPhones to prevent them from crashing when the battery is degraded.


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