Apple Releases iPadOS 16

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iPadOS 16

Apple has revealed iPadOS 16 for the iPad, the software comes in the form of iPadOS 16.1 and it comes with a wide range of new features for the iPad.

The new features available on the iPad with the iOS 16.1 software update contain the new Stage Manager feature that is designed to automatically organize apps and windows. This will also be available on external displays later in the year.

There are also new features in Apple’s Message app, you can now edit, undo send, and more in the messages, the Mail app also gets an update with a range of new smart tools. You can now schedule emails and also cancel them and more.

Apple has also introduced a new iCloud Shared Photo Library which is a new way to share photos with up to six people.

Safari has also received an update with more security features including more secure passkeys, plus there is also a shared Tab Groups feature and more.

There is also Freeform which is coming later in the year, this is a new productivity app that features a flexible canvas.

Apple has brought the Weather App to the iPad and this app makes use of the iPads larger display. There are lots more features contained in this update, you can find out more details over at Apple at the link below.

The new iPadOS 16 software update is now available to download, you can install it on your iPad by going to settings > general > software update > download and install.

Source: Apple

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