Apple most valuable brand in the world !

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iPhone maker surpasses Coca-Cola to become most valued global brand, according to new report. Which is not a shock or something we didn’t expect it to happen.

Apple is the most valuable brand in the world, replacing 2012’s leader Coca-Cola to claim the top spot, according to a report from consulting company Interbrand (via The New York Times).

Apple placed second in the 2012 report, rising from number eight in the 2011 study.

The report estimates Apple’s brand value at $98.3 billion, up 28 percent year-over-year, outpacing Coca-Cola’s $79.2 billion (+2 percent year-over-year).

Interbrand’s valuation methodology factors in market, brand, competitor, and financial data to determine overall brand performance and value.

Xbox maker Microsoft (5), PlayStation owner Sony (46), and Mario house Nintendo (67) also landed in Interbrand’s top 100 chart.



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