Apple Watch 2 Opened Up By iFixit

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Apple Watch 2

Apple have also launched their new Apple Watch 2 and the guys from iFixit got their hands on one and opened it up for the world to see.

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 comes with a range of upgrades over the current device, it is waterproof and also has GPS.

Our iPhone 7 Plus is still on the chopping block, but we just can’t help ourselves—it’s time to look at Apple Watch Series 2. Apple’s sophomore foray into the realm of smart wristwear looks all-but-identical to the newly rechristened “Series 1”. But, with added features such as built-in GPS, waterproofing, and a variety of new bands and cases, Apple’s new wearable was destined for the teardown table. It’s time to see if this “ultimate device for a healthy life” has what it takes to go the distance in terms of repairability.

Source iFixit

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