Apple Watch Bumper Case

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Apple Watch Bumper Case

ActionProof has designed a new Apple Watch Bumper case that might be worth investing in over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

The Bumper watch case has been specifically designed to protect and make your Apple Watch “action proof” says its designers. Watch the video below to learn more about this new Apple Watch Bumper case that protects your Apple Watch yet still provides easy access to the button and the Crown on the right-hand side to navigate the new wearable Apple iOS operating system.

Apple Watch Bumper Case

“Anticipating the release of the Apple Watch, our team has developed THE BUMPER, the first shock absorber for this new revolutionary technology.

THE BUMPER is not a cover. It is an easy-on protection for your Apple Watch in order for you to wear it in extreme conditions. Your smartwatch will be protected and its features unobstructed. Apple Watch will be the most beautiful wearable technology in the world and, thanks to us, also the most protected.”

Features of the Apple Watch Bumper case include :

– 360º rubber shock absorption
– Fits on any 42mm Apple Watch
– Full access to the screen
– Speakers and microphone are free to perform in any situation
– Sensors are always in contact with your skin
– Time is key when it comes to action. THE BUMPER is easy to install in one simple move, even in the most difficult and extreme situations.



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