Apple’s New 2018 MacBook Pro Review Video is in

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2018 MacBook Pro

Apple recently revealed their new 2018 MacBook Pro range, there are two models in the new 2018 range a 13-inch model and a 15-inch model.

The new MacBook Pro comes with the latest processor and the keyboard on the device has also had some changes to fix problems that the former model hurt from.

In the video below we get to look at the new 2018 MacBook Pro along with the 2017 model, the top of the range model of the new MacBook Pro with all of the upgrades costs a huge $6699.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro models recently performed well in some benchmarks and showed significant performance gains over the previous model. The new 2018 model is now available to buy from Apple and you can find out more information about these new MacBook’s over at Apple.



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