Apple’s Rare Computer Lisa 1 Still Works And Is Being Sold Online

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Apple Lisa 1

If you are a fan of Apple, you can now get this working vintage Apple computer Lisa 1 for US$55,000. The computer has been auctioned on eBay recently and it is being said that the computer is still in the working condition. Apple’s Lisa 1 was launched in the market in 1983. It was named after Steve Job’s daughter. This was Apple’s very first computer which comes with a GUI.

Lisa 1 was indeed a game-changer back in the day. The concepts that it used are still existing in today’s machines. For example overlapping windows, pull-down menus, drag-and-drop, and the recycle bin. The machine was very expensive and hence it didn’t do well commercially. It cost US$150 million to develop Lisa 1 and the company sold only 10,000 units for US$10,000 each. After three years, the machine was pulled off of the market.

Steve Jobs was removed from the Lisa 1 project so that he can focus on Apple’s new effort the ‘Macintosh.’ The Auction Team Breker said that the complete Lisa 1 is super rare since Apple gave the Lisa 1 owners a free upgrade to Lisa 2. It replaced the front panels and Twiggy drivers. According to the team, only 30 to 100 Lisa 1 machines exist today.

The seller writes in the post that. “Lisa 1 is optically and technically in excellent condition. Both twiggy drives are working and spinning perfectly. As seen in the video I tested the drives with a Lisa Test disc and everything seems to work just fine.”

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