Apple’s Vision Pro Launch Takes a Bit More Time

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When Apple unveiled its inaugural augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro, back in June 2023, enthusiasts eagerly anticipated its arrival, with the company promising availability “early next year.” Fast forward to the latest insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, relayed through 9to5Mac, and the promised timeframe now seems to lean toward a March 2024 debut.

While March technically falls within the “early next year” window, it might be a bit of a waiting game for those eyeing the $3,499 headset. Gurman reveals that the Vision Pro, initially targeted for a January release, is undergoing final testing, pushing the launch timeline a tad further.

The launch strategy for the Vision Pro diverges from Apple’s customary product debuts. Initially, the augmented reality headset will exclusively hit the shelves in the U.S., with sales restricted to Apple retail stores and online channels. Apple plans to set up dedicated areas in its retail stores equipped with demo units, allowing customers to experience the device firsthand before making the plunge. Global availability is anticipated in late 2024.

Despite the delay, there are promising signs of progress in the Vision Pro’s development. A recent iOS update empowered iPhone 15 users to capture spatial videos exclusively viewable on the Vision Pro, offering a glimpse into the headset’s immersive capabilities. Additionally, a visionOS update shed light on the device’s onboarding process, hinting at the meticulous attention to detail in its design.

However, securing a Vision Pro may prove challenging upon its release. A Financial Times report from July highlighted Apple’s significant reduction in production forecasts for the headset, citing the intricacies of the product as a contributing factor. As the anticipation builds, it seems the Vision Pro is on the brink of transforming the augmented reality landscape, albeit with a slightly adjusted schedule.

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