Apps for Teaching Number Sense to Kids

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Mastering number sense on time will help younger kids develop their mathematics skills and master the subject quicker. A deeper understanding of what number sense really is will help set parents and teachers on the right track for teaching their young kids.

Number sense is how a child understands numbers. A child with a well-developed number sense will be able to more easily decode what numbers and figures mean. This sense improves their overall fluidity with numbers and mathematics.

Studies have shown that babies are born with number sense; babies spend a certain amount of time staring at objects, and they will look away only when their focus has changed. Young children can also perform something known as subitising – this is when they can deduce the number of objects in a group without having to count them. 

Number sense is a natural instinct, but children can improve and develop their number sense with the aid of learning apps collection

  • Khan Academy Kids 

This app is a crowd-favorite for a reason; it contains a large selection of fun learning activities for children. The app can be enjoyed by children aged between toddlers and first graders. A personalized experience is sure to make the activities and games exciting for kids as they practice their vocabulary, spelling, writing, phonetics, mathematics, number sense, and so much more. 

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  • IXL – Maths and English 

IXL Maths app provides curriculum based math exercises for children. Kids can learn at their own pace as the app can be adjusted to their difficulty level. With engaging activities, varying questions and exercises, kids will not get bored while they practice their mathematics and number sense. 

The app can be easily downloaded from the Apple or Google play store. 

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  • Kids Academy – Talented and Gifted 

Kids Academy Talented and Gifted app is a learning app for kids, rated highly among parents and teachers. The easy interface and adjustable difficulty level makes it very ideal for kids of all ages, and the app provides learning materials to help children complete different structures courses. 

Parents can be rest assured that their kids will be well rounded in all subjects as they work with the Talented and Gifted app. This learning app offers courses in different subjects for children aged up to 10 years. Children can learn math from a new perspective; starting from the basics of counting and developing their number sense. The reward system in the app will keep children motivated to learn more.


Children who do not have a good number sense tend to be more reliant on formulas and systems they are familiar with. Most times, these children will prefer to solve math by writing out the problem and solving on paper than working out a simple problem in their head. With math’s app for preschoolers, children can begin developing their math skills from an early age. 


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