Apps That Will Help You Make a Positive Impact On The World Every Day

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We live in the world of constant changes. Technological progress has a great impact on life. Mere 20 years ago, we could not imagine the luxury of having a phone, calculator, camera, computer with internet connection on one device. We have a virtual world in our pockets. We can do almost everything with them. Benefits of smartphones are various and numerous:

  • Connection;
  • Gaming;
  • Health tracking;
  • Countless applications for almost ANYTHING in your life.

Apps can be of a different character: educational, entertaining, for time management, and many others. It is almost unbelievable. If you wonder how to find someone to help me write my essay, the technologies have already started helping you. Technology effects on society can be carried out with a means of such a small gadget. It is high time to make our world better. We will review apps that can make it happen. They are not necessarily improving environmental issues. However, they can have other significant impacts on the world.

  1. HTC Power to Give is an amazing app. It helps you give donations for scientific researches of your choosing. After downloading the app, you should plug your phone in. Then connect to the internet. The app will share spare computing power of your phone. It becomes a part of the huge network providing power for research. You can select a research you wish to donate to. You can have an influence on curing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, awareness of climate change. Unfortunately, this app is for Android phones only.
  2. Sustain Me is a user-friendly app that helps you to be helpful. It may be difficult to recycle in the right way. The app provides you guidance of how to and where to recycle various types of used containers, plastic bags, batteries. You may be unsure whether the product is recyclable or not. Sustain Me will help you with that. All you need to do is to search for an item you wish to recycle. The app will generate the needed information.
  3. GoodGuide is an app that helps you to make small everyday effects on the world. We shop daily and the app shows what product we buy. Products are rated from 0 to 10 for their health, environment, and social impact. Health rates show the potential (good or bad) health influences of the product. Environmental rate characterizes potential environmental effects of the product. Social rate shows impacts associated with the manufacture of the product and customer care. The scientists of GoodGuide conduct thorough researches for our best shopping choices. You can scan a barcode to see in what way the product is impactful.
  4. GIVIT is an app designed to help those who are struggling. The sad truth is – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have something you do not need, others may covet it. The app shows you what local charities need. This app assures that giving is easy. This project is very ambitious. Its main goal is to end poverty altogether.
  5. Everyday Racism is a project designed to challenge the understanding of racism. We live in the twenty-first century and people are still tormented because of their skin color or beliefs. We can use the advantages of smartphones to educate others and ourselves. The app looks like a game. You select a character who is more likely to be targeted with racial comments very often. The main goal of the app is to answer these questions:
  • How will you respond?
  • How will it make you feel?
  • Can you handle it?

If you think positive effects of technology are hard to find, think again. You can make small changes every day. And the most useful means of changes is in your hands every minute.


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