April 2023 Xbox Game Pass Newcomers and Last Calls Part 2

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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are in for a treat as Xbox recently revealed the next batch of games that will be added to the service. The lineup includes a diverse mix of titles that are sure to appeal to gamers of all genres and preferences.

One of the most highly anticipated games on the list is Redfall, a vampire survivor open-world FPS that is set to be released on May 2. Players will find themselves trapped on an island overrun by vampires and must team up with other survivors to fight off the bloodthirsty creatures. With its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, Redfall is expected to be a huge hit among Xbox fans.

Another game that has piqued the interest of gamers is Cassette Beasts, an indie monster capture RPG that promises a unique retro vibe with innovative gameplay mechanics. Players will collect monsters and use them to battle through an open-world RPG, creating an engaging experience that fans of the genre will surely enjoy.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition is also set to be added to the service, giving fans of the fighting game genre something to look forward to. The game allows players to create their own cross-over dream team with beloved characters from various titles, such as BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, and RWBY.

In addition to these titles, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, Medieval Dynasty, Homestead Arcana, and Minecraft Legends are also set to be added to the Xbox Game Pass. Minecraft Legends, in particular, is an exciting addition, as players will explore lush biomes and engage in epic battles against piglins in a bid to save the Overworld.

While the new additions are exciting, some games will be leaving the platform on April 30, so players are advised to play them while they can. Bugsnax, Destroy All Humans!, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Tetris Effect Connected, and Unsouled are among the games that will be departing from the service.

Overall, the upcoming lineup of games for the Xbox Game Pass is sure to keep gamers entertained and engaged for hours on end, with a range of titles catering to different interests and preferences. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to an exciting month of gaming ahead.

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