Arcade1Up’s 2021 Fall Line-Up Is Amazing

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Arcade1Up, one of the best makers of miniaturizing the classic arcade games will be releasing 3 new arcade cabinets for your home, business, and private use this fall: Killer Instinct, Tron, and Ridge Racer! These cabinets will be 75% smaller than the original arcade models.

The Killer Instinct cabinet will come packed with the arcade Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct 2, Battletoads (Arcade), and the Super NES version of Killer Instinct to round out the package.

The Tron cabinet will come packed with the Tron game by Midway and Discs of Tron, an obscure and under-produced arcade curiosity “highly requested by retro game enthusiasts”.

The Ridge Racer cabinet will emulate Namco’s System 22 hardware and 3D polygonal graphics that it produced. It will be loaded with the original Ridge Racer (one of the earliest 3D driving games out there!), Rave Racer (the 3rd title in the Ridge Racer series), Ace Driver (a 1994  racing game by Namco), and Ace Driver: Victory Lap (the sequel to Ace Driver).

All-new game cabinets will support Wi-fi for online play.

Pre-orders are available now for the Tron cabinet (It sells for $699.99)! Prices and final release dates for the Killer Instinct and Ridge Racer cabinets are to be released.

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