Arcade1Up’s Limited Edition MARVEL SUPER HEROES Cabinet is Open For Preorder

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Marvel is celebrating 80 years, Arcade1Up has announced a new limited-edition cabinet featuring Marvel Super Heroes! This new Arcade1Up machine is coming with a few different games! Marvel Super Heroes is X-Men: Children of the Atom and The Punisher! Each arcade machine will feature custom artwork and a light-up marquee. A new yellow trim will also be in use to really help the machine cool and pop up! A custom Marvel riser unit is also going to be combined with each bundle to let you upgrade your mini arcade experience. Sanwa buttons and sticks will also be used to secure quality controls. Built-in speakers will come with the 17-inch display to really bring your arcade experience out of this world.

“With the excitement around our recently announced Marvel cabinet, we wanted to provide our
hardcore fans with something special to celebrate Marvel’s birthday. We could not be happier with having a licensing partner like Marvel, which has been driving the world of pop-culture to new and exciting territories for the last 80 years.”

— Scott Bachrach (CEO, Tastemakers LLC)

The Arcade1Up arcade machines have been a great collectible over their several releases and have done a fabulous job in bringing home a fun and exciting arcade experience. Sadly the price has always been a bit on the high side and this new marvel cabinet is no exception. coming in at a huge $399.99 this will definitely be for the biggest collector and the one for Marvel fan. The number of cabinets is limited to only 8000 and so now pre-orders are open you have to hurry if you want to buy one.

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