Arcade1Up’s STAR WARS Arcade Machine Is Now Available For Pre-Order

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Arcade1Up's STAR WARS Arcade Machine

Arcade1Up is not coming slow and pre-orders opened yesterday on their limited Marvel Super Heroes gaming cabinet! Today pre-orders have open for public and exclusively at GameStop, for Arcade1Up’s Star Wars arcade machine! This Star Wars Cabinet includes all 3 classic Star Wars titles in Arcade1Up’s signature 4 foot cabinet. A riser unit will also be introduced allowing for the cabinet to hit about 5 feet in height. The system features artwork from the original cabinet and light-up marquee. Games will be playable on an actual flight yoke just as in their original arcade iterations which are just marvelous to see! The Star Wars arcade will also feature built-in speakers and a 17-inch screen.

Out of all of the Arcade1Up machine released to date, this one is the one I would want the most. I played all three of the Star Wars arcade machines in the childhood and fall in love with the games. The vector graphics were also so great to see and still hold a specific love. The price will cost you $499.99 which is quite steep.

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