Arcitc Force Snowball Blaster

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Say ‘hey-lo’ to the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster. Not only does it look like part of Robocop’s winter wardrobe, this tough and lightweight launcher is able to make three snowballs at once. But best of all, it’s capable of lobbing them up to 80ft!

Arcitc Force Snowball Blaster

Just feed a few handfuls of the white stuff into the top-mounted snowball press and close the hinged lid. Presto! You’ll have three perfect snowballsready to fire. It’s that easy! Leave them in the press or use them to scare off your opposition by hand. But when it’s time to bring out the big guns, load one into the launcher’s chamber.

Arcitc Force Snowball Blaster

Acting like a high-powered slingshot, a scoop-shaped cup will hold the snowball in place as you pull back the rubber straps. Then, just let go! Young guns will probably manage to fire the fluffy nuggets around 50ft, but in the hands of mum and dad they’ll launch as far as 80ft. Perfect for pelting your opponents’ defences, lobbing over the house, or firing pot shots into next door’s garden.

We should of course mention that using the launcher to fire snowballs directly at people really isn’t a good idea. And just to reinforce this point the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster comes with a vinyl target for you to aim at. But don’t be disheartened if you were hoping to take out that long-limbed freak next time the snows come. One look at your snowball-launching hand-cannon and they’ll probably throw down their (impossibly long) arms and surrender.

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