Are Online Slots as Good as Vegas Slots

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The first-ever slot machine was created nearly 124 years ago in San Francisco, California, by a mechanical genius called Charles Fey. Called the “Liberty Bell,” it was a massive success and sparked a thriving business in mechanical gambling machines we call slot machines or Vegas slots.


They kind of look the same, but are they

From simple mechanical contraptions, slots have grown in complexity, adding more and more features and special effects. Modern Vegas slots are marvels of engineering and digital technology, featuring advanced graphics, sound effects, amazing touchscreen controls, and much more.

And they are also making more money for Vegas casinos than ever before, accounting for anywhere from 50 to 90% of a casino’s total income! What do these numbers tell us? Vegas slot machines are popular than ever before, of course.


The Parallels between Slot Machines & Arcades

But just like the arcades and gaming machines of the 1980s and ‘90s, slot machines also have a digital rival threatening to steal their thunder. For gaming machines, it was the rise of PC and console gaming, which enabled kids (and adults) to play games right from their homes.

In many ways, a slot machine is like an arcade game machine. They have similar designs, shapes, and dimensions. The way players sit and interact with these games is also somewhat similar.

Both genres even share manufacturers – famous companies like Konami and WMS have made both arcade games and slot machines over the years. So it is quite interesting how the evolution of digital technologies has affected both machines in somewhat similar ways.

In the case of slot machines, the threat comes in the form of online slots. In terms of graphics and gameplay, they look and feel almost identical to the slot games on offer at a casino machine. But are these new online slots as good as a slot machine at a Vegas casino?

The answer is maybe yes, but in some key areas, the Vegas slot still holds an edge. Let’s analyze the how’s and whys in detail.


Areas where Online Slots are as Good as Vegas Slots (or Better!)



When talking about online slots’ advantages, it is impossible not to start with the convenience factor. Unless you live in Vegas or next to a casino or some other establishment where they offer a slot machine, you cannot spin a few reels whenever you feel like it.

With online slots, you can do exactly that. Whether you are lounging at home on your couch, in a cab, bus, or train, or just sitting idly by somewhere, you can play slots on your mobile device or laptop.

And the amazing thing is that you can get pretty much the same gaming experience, albeit on a smaller screen and with less powerful speakers. Modern Vegas slot machines use software and microchips instead of mechanical reels inside. Many of the companies that create these machines also release the same game software for online play.



Many of the popular games available at a Vegas Casino slot hall will be available at any modern online casino. And the funny thing about these online casinos is that they are not restricted by space as a limiting factor – they can offer hundreds or even thousands of unique online slots.

This is not possible at anywhere but the biggest Vegas casinos. Even there, the selection of games available may be limited, with many machines hosting the same game. If the casino feels that specific slot machines are not earning enough cash, they will get replaced.

But in an online casino, you don’t really have to worry about not finding your favorite slot game. You can search and find one in seconds. And did we tell you about the number of online casinos out there on the World Wide Web? With hundreds of them available, you will have no trouble finding nonstop slots action.


Bonuses & Free Play

Casino bonuses are another area where online slots provide something different yet comparable to a Vegas slot. At land-based casinos, the bonuses (“comps”) can range from free tickets to shows, to free food and liquor, and even free rooms as the resorts. To enjoy the benefits of slot machines, you have to join the casino membership club.

At online slots, instead of comps, we have deposit bonuses and free spins. And it is the latter that offers you tons of value at online slots. Some casinos offer you hundreds of free spins on the latest online slots.

Even better is the option for free play that you get at online slots. If you don’t have any cash on you, you can forget all about playing at a Vegas Casino slot. But with online slots, you can at least scratch that itch for free, even if you can’t win any cash.


Areas where Vegas still has the Edge


The Experience

But online slots still have some disadvantages when compared to Vegas slots. A modern slot machine is designed to transport you into a magical virtual world, using amazing LCD screens, 3D technology, surround sound, and more.

When you are seated in a slot machine, prepare for a sensory experience like no other. You just cannot get the same impact from a puny mobile screen or even your PC’s HD monitor. It just isn’t the same.


Exclusive Games

 Not all slot machine games get an online release immediately. Vegas casino slots often have exclusive tie-ins with Hollywood studios, for meg-movies like Mad Max for example. You will not find a Mad Max online slot in 2019, but you can play it at a slot machine in a casino.

We are not saying that online slots do not have exclusive movie tie ins – they do, with games like Jurassic Park and Narcos. But they do miss out on a few over the years. Things are improving though, and more and more movie and series-based online slots are arriving on the scene with each passing year.


As good as it gets

What is the final verdict then? In our opinion, online slots have come a long way in a brief amount of time. In terms of software technology, they are as good as their Vegas counterparts. The only area where they fall behind is with regard to the hardware.

But there is an important tradeoff here – since they are not tied down to heavy hardware, you can play them whenever and wherever you want, as long as there is a working internet connection out there.

Given the easy accessibility and convenience, we have to consider this match up a tie – both Vegas Slots and Online Slots have their strong points. In the grand scheme of things as they stand today, online slots as almost as good as Vegas slots.


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