Are Video Games a Form of Art?

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Video Games Art

The maturity that modern video games have reached has led many to question whether video games can be considered an art form. Furthermore, many of us even bet on some video games! Vbet, for instance, permits this kind of parlay. If you click on the link, you’ll see the Vbet Login Guide.

With a growing number of titles focusing on the narrative and artistic side, a debate has erupted over the validity of video games as a form of artistic expression.


How can video games be art?

The problem with today’s video games is that they tend to approximate other art forms rather than exploit the potential of the game. Heavy Rain and Quantic Dream’s new Detroit: Become Human or even the Telltale Games series use the medium of cinema. The only gameplay component is the ability to make decisions and change the events of the story.

These are cases where the gameplay component has been curtailed in favor of the story. It’s a genre I’ve honestly never appreciated much because it’s more cinematic than video game-like.

The challenge is to create a video game that retains its ludic character while expressing its artistic side in every aspect.

Given the complexity of modern games, it’s difficult to separate the various arts from the ludic component. One way to understand if a video game is an art is to imagine it with different gameplay: If we take The Last of Us, for example, and imagine it as a first-person shooter with no gun or ammunition restrictions, does the game retain its emotional impact? Does it still manage to express the feeling of survival and the fear of an apocalyptic world? If you’ve played Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, you already know the answer: absolutely not.

The Last of Us is one of the video games that comes closest to the concept of art. The survival mechanics of this game emphasize the brutality of a declining society, where survival instinct triumphs over morality. Having few resources at your disposal, the need to sneak up on enemies, and only taking them out in an emergency are all elements of gameplay that enrich the artistic image of the game.

The Last of Us is therefore an example of how games can also become an art. Another example is This War of Mine, a gritty and realistic title in which survival mechanics are a fundamental part of the gameplay experience.

Video Games Art

Are video games art?

Are video games art? There’s no right answer. Only you as an individual with your own ideas and thoughts decide whether a video game is an art or not.

But the second question you should ask yourself is: should video games be art? Very often the word art is mistakenly associated with something beautiful. However, art isn’t synonymous with beauty. Art is a way of expressing yourself.


Video games aren’t art, but a video game can be art.

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