Are Video Games As Unhealthy As They Say?

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Video Games

Every passionate gamer, at least once in their life, has heard from someone that the long hours in front of a computer screen are unhealthy. Game addictions, change in behavior and even functioning of the brain, and many more gaming-related diseases – does it sound familiar? We are so sure that only recreational playing is safe, and anyone who spends most of their free time on video games is in great peril. We believe in that and very rarely question that. However, are video games really as unhealthy as people say?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified into the group of diseases a gaming addiction. Described as a gaming disorder, it terrifies parents of kids and does not allow players to fully enjoy their game, as there is always someone prophesying the addiction. Let’s hope there is a good reason for it. Although, is there?

A certain professor, Andy Przybylski, decided to persuade the world about the positive influence of gaming. It turns out that time spent in a virtual world might be beneficial. Generally speaking, games might be correlated with well-being. They might improve the mood, and bring a feeling of satisfaction when the task was successfully achieved. The player’s well-being is strictly connected to the simple pleasure and enjoyment felt when playing.

The video game itself can bring many benefits to those who play. They can teach being a team player, and coping with difficult and stressful situations, or they can develop strategic thinking. In other words, they can quite often improve the brain’s capabilities instead of degrading them, as some claim.

There was some research that video games can help increase symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can influence social skills, as well as boost the problem-solving and decision-making systems of the brain.


What is so negative about video games?

One of the greatest concerns raised about online games is that they sometimes encourage betting and gambling. However, there are numerous platforms where people can safely gamble, even in places like Asia. It’s enough to make use of the list of secured Kuwaiti casinos to play without risk. Arabian Betting site has a list of safe casinos, tips for players, and the law regulations explained. If you read it carefully, you should be secured. However, still one of the biggest fears in this and other online types of entertainment is addiction. People are afraid that their kids or close ones will be unable to function and only live to play. The problem of addiction, in this case, is as serious as with shopping or any other addiction. There are several factors that make somebody prone to this kind of compulsion.

Can we, therefore, say that gaming addiction is a real problem? The answer is not that simple. There are arguments for and against gaming, but it is vital to remember that every argument should be based on facts. Those are unfortunately lacking in terms of video games. There was no research conducted yet in such a way, that clearly states one or the other – video games are or are not the source of threat of addiction.

Generally, the studies say that in the case of young players (mostly kids), one in ten is addicted to video games. The number is high, but children are more likely to develop this kind of disorder, and they quickly become dependent on pleasant entertainment.

There certainly are other dangers connected to video games, as with every other type of entertainment. People raise concerns that certain games, like action or military ones, may (let’s put an emphasis on the word may) increase violence in young generations. There is, however, no clear evidence in the form of scientific research.


How to play safely?

Everything can be risky if not used properly. The same is with video games. For some, it might be addictive, but to avoid that, it’s better to apply some rules. The limited time of playing, strict hours, and keeping to the terms created by you for yourself might be helpful in avoiding addiction and other dangers. If you are afraid for your children, you can read about ways of preventing video game addiction in young players. Some rules and clear explanations of the possible threats may save the child from becoming too eager to give up real life for the virtual one. Video games have numerous benefits, but they should be played with everything described above in mind.


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