Are You Up For Horror Fishing Game DREDGE

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There’s something very spooky about fishing. You’re alone on a boat, sometimes far out at sea. You’re casting a fishing line into deep, murky waters and feeling a strange, unseen creature unexpectedly sink its teeth into your bait and start to pull. You’re a hunter with nothing but a string on a stick in surroundings almost completely hidden from view, one you can’t survive in for long should anything go wrong. It’s the ideal canvas for creeping dread and big scares.

So I’m happy to see more and more fishing games adopting the potential for horror, like the announcement trailer for Dredge. The “sinister fishing adventure” from Team 17 and Black Salt Games casts you as a fisherman stranded on a mysterious island inhabited by peculiar characters. To make enough to repair your ship you’ll have to trawl the island’s dark waters for fish and whatever odd curios you manage to pull from the waves.

In this 20-minute gameplay video from GamesRadar you can see more of Dredge. There are mysterious notes in bottles to find drifting in the waves that hint at some unsettling events. When the darkness and fog settle over the sea your ‘panic’ meter will grow and you’ll need to seek out light to stave off the fear.

Apart from the horror, the fishing itself looks like a fun minigame, and you can repair your ship’s hull, nets, and engine, and there’s the added fun of what I’ll call ‘fish inventory tetris’ as you stack and jumble your catches in your boat’s restricted cargo space. It looks fantastic and I’m keen to play it when it comes out 2023.

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