Ariel Atom 4 is a 320 Horsepower Beast

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Ariel has unveiled a new Atom and the new 4th generation car comes with 320 horsepower and is powered by the latest Honda Type R turbo engine.

Ariel has said that they will be making around 100 cars a year of their Ariel Atom 4, the company has revealed that this new car is very different from the original one launched in 1999.

Ariel Atom 4

Atom 4 will continue to be made in low volume by Ariel at its factory near Crewkerne, Somerset in quantities of around 100 cars per year alongside the Ariel Nomad and Ariel Ace motorbike.Each car will be built, as they are now, by one technician and to order for each individual customer. Having earned its reputation as the ‘Savile Row of the Automotive World’ Ariel has a tailor-made approach to building vehicles that isn’t possible at high volume and reflects the opportunities achievable only in low volume production. Atom 4 will also be made, under licence, by Ariel North America based in South Boston, Virginia serving North and South American markets. The cars will have identical specifications, combining the best high and low volume engineering, materials and production values together with an option list and bespoke build system that gives each customer exactly the car they need. From fun sports car to track weapon, the Atom 4 will deliver.

You can find more information about the new Ariel Atom 4 by clicking the link below.

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