Assemble Entertainment Revealed New ZELDA-Like Game XEL

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Assemble Entertainment has revealed the latest new game and it is being developed by Tiny Roar, XEL which will release on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Playstation 5 in 2022. XEL is a sci-fi game similar to Zelda and it looks pretty fun based on the trailer.

Players will follow Reid who finds herself shipwrecked on an alien planet and has no recollection of who she is. She will need to explore the planet, braving many biomes, working puzzles, delve into dungeons, and do all this with an uncertain sense of time.

During her quest, she will meet other characters and be able to find and improve items along the way. Based on this and the launch trailer, it looks a lot like a sci-fi variant of Breath of the Wild, but a bit more stylized with its artwork.

There are enemies that fire a laser from its eye at the end of the trailer, very comparable to guardians. It looks like it could be with a nice big open world to search and travel and a mystery to reveal.

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