Asus New Wi-Fi Router Look Like Something From The Future

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Asus Blue Cave

Asus designed the super cool wireless router design and this time they even come up with something really cool, It is an antenna-less Asus Blue Cave offers “smooth Wi-Fi [and] smart protection,” which in geekier terms means support for AC2600-class dual-band operation, powered by Intel’s latest Wi-Fi chipset, and Trend Micro protection for “every connected smart device on the network, including IoT devices.” But really and truly, we’re all here for that “unique and attractive central aperture that is bathed in gentle blue light.”

While most other home Wi-Fi routers have started supporting mesh networking, this new Asus model is content to only offer a mobile app with granular user controls to pad out its “smart functionality” credentials. IFTTT support is a nice extra, though.

Asus Blue Cave has a hole in the middle, it looks weird and quirky and cool because of that hole. I’m unwilling to call it either an aperture or a cave, Asus Blue Cave will be around $180, but in classic Asus fashion, there’s no word yet on when it’ll be available.


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