ASUS ROG RTX 4090 Matrix Release Date Revealed!

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Back at Computex 2023, ASUS made waves in the tech world by unveiling what they boldly proclaimed to be the world’s fastest graphics card: the ROG Matrix RTX 4090. Now, ASUS has officially confirmed that this powerhouse will hit the market on September 19th, complete with a grand unveiling via a live-streamed unboxing event set to kick off at 9 AM New York time.

The ROG Matrix RTX 4090 marks a significant milestone for ASUS, as it represents the company’s triumphant return to the Matrix series graphics card lineup since the release of their ROG Matrix RTX 2080 Ti. This time around, ASUS has upped the ante by incorporating liquid metal Thermal Interface Material (TIM) into the card, marking a first for ASUS discrete graphics cards. This bold move isn’t just for show; it’s a key component in achieving the lofty title of “world’s fastest graphics card.”

The heart of this gaming beast is its highly-binned RTX 4090 GPU core, carefully selected and optimized to allow ASUS to deliver a limited edition RTX 4090 graphics card with the highest factory overclock of any RTX 4090 model currently on the market. This overclocking prowess is what cements its status as the world’s fastest graphics card.

When it comes to keeping temperatures in check, ASUS has left no stone unturned. The ROG Matrix RTX 4090 boasts a custom liquid cooling solution complemented by liquid metal TIM. ASUS confidently asserts that their custom full-cover cold plate and a substantial 360mm liquid cooling system can maintain the card’s operating temperature at just under 60 degrees Celsius, even in its power-hungry 450W TGP mode, all while keeping the fans at a modest 1,000 RPM. These exceptional thermal results mean that this GPU will operate nearly silently, particularly when using its quiet mode BIOS profile.

ASUS has also borrowed some tricks from their premium ROG Ryujin III CPU liquid cooler, incorporating the same ROG MF-12S fans and an extra-thick 360mm liquid cooling radiator into the ROG Matrix RTX 4090’s design. The fans are cleverly daisy-chained, and the power and RGB cables are discreetly concealed within the AIO’s tubing. This meticulous design ensures that cable management is a breeze, setting a new standard for all-in-one liquid-cooled graphics cards.

With the ROG Matrix RTX 4090, ASUS aims to rewrite the records of GPU overclocking and establish themselves as the purveyor of the world’s most potent gaming GPU. This bold entry into the market is sure to turn heads and push the boundaries of gaming performance to new heights.

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