Atari Celebrating 50th Anniversary Announced 5 Games Coming to Stadia

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Atari is celebrating its 50th birthday this year! To celebrate, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and CEO Wade Rosen made a video talking about the legacy of the company and how it shaped today’s video game industry.

Rosen shared:

The story of the early days of Atari is, in many ways, the history of the birth of video games,” said Wade Rosen, Atari CEO. “I’m excited to share this very special conversation with founder Nolan Bushnell as we celebrate the tremendous impact of Atari on popular culture and the video game industry over the past fifty years.

You can watch the entire video below. Another way they’re celebrating is by releasing four of their Atari Recharged games on Stadia this year plus the acclaimed puzzle game Kombinera. The first game to be added to the streaming service is Centipede: Recharged on July 1 where it will be available in the Stadia store and as a free game for Stadia Pro members. Other Atari Recharged titles coming include Asteroids, Black Widow, and Breakout. Kombinera will be available on Stadia in September. The Atari Recharged games revamp classic games with co-op modes, particle effects, power-ups, and original soundtracks from Megan McDuffee.

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