Atari Inspired RPI3 2600 Raspberry Pi Case

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Atari Inspired RPI3 2600 Raspberry Pi Case

Thingiverse user HauntFreaks has designed and 3D printed a fantastic new Raspberry Pi 3 case which has been inspired by the retro Atari2600 enclosure.

If you want to build your very own then you can download all the 3D printing model files via the Thingiverse.

The creator of the RPI3 2600 Raspberry Pi 3 case explains more about its construction, inspiration, and features.

I always planned on modeling a Atari2600 case for a pi,… I was about to start from scratch, when I did a search here on thingiverse… there were two models, one from a few years ago, and a new one that the bottom half was for the RPI3

I could have just used those models, but I wanted a bit more detail, and access to the SD card, (neither had that)….. so I remodeled the meshes back into solids, and made all the necessary resizing and adjustments… ….I also wanted more detail added to the faceplate, and wanted it easier to print, so I made it separate from the top…. I also wanted the top hollowed out for switches, LED’s or whatever… one last detail I added was the RPI3 (atari logo) ….. anyway, I was hoping I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, but in the end I “kinda” did….

Source: Adafruit : Thingiverse


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