Atari is Bringing Back Classic Games into THE SANDBOX

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The Sandbox is a “revolutionary blockchain-based gaming metaverse” full of user-generated content. Players can create practically anything into the platform and it’s amazing. Now, players will have a tremendous new set of ASSETs for players based on classic Atari games. Atari has partnered with TSB Gaming Ltd to bring games like Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, and RollerCoaster Tycoon to the game as part of the 3D voxel world. Atari Land will be a virtual Atari theme park on the blockchain that gamers can visit for fun themed rides.

Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox talked about Atari’s history into the metaverse:

Atari is rightly celebrated as a pioneer in the world of gaming, and this partnership continues the brand’s innovation by bringing its treasured gaming heritage into the decentralized, blockchain-based metaverse of The Sandbox. Together, we are making history by creating the first virtual Atari theme park on blockchain, and it will be really fun for our players to play, explore, and create inside Atari-inspired virtual worlds.

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