Atari Revealed Remastered 1983 Atari Club Jackets

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Atari Club Jackets

Atari recently unveiled a captivating collection of Atari Club Jackets in collaboration with the renowned apparel brand Members Only, marking a nostalgic revival of the iconic 1983 jackets. This ensemble pays homage to the golden era of arcade gaming and is set to send waves of excitement through the gaming community.

The triumphant description of the collection reads, “In a thrilling fusion of style and nostalgia, Atari has joined forces with the legendary 1980s brand Members Only to resurrect a historic piece of pop culture—the classic Atari jacket.” The meticulous remaster of the original garment, once proudly sported by Atari Club members, goes beyond being a mere piece of clothing. It stands as a statement, a tribute, and a badge of honor for every dedicated Atari enthusiast out there.

This collaboration serves as a poignant marriage between two trendsetting giants—Members Only, renowned for its signature racer jackets that became a cultural phenomenon, and Atari, whose games defined an entire generation of arcade and home entertainment. The stylish pieces showcase an Atari logo patch on the chest, accompanied by white embroidery down the sleeve, exuding a perfect blend of vintage charm and contemporary style. The jackets boast distinctive features such as a double snap neck latch, signature shoulder epaulets, a zip closure, and front and hidden inside pockets. The collection spans three captivating colors: red, black, and an extremely limited, special edition white jacket, of which only 72 are available.

Tyler Drewitz, the Director of Atari X, expressed the significance of these jackets, stating, “The jackets aren’t just a piece of clothing, they’re a statement, a tribute, and badges of honor for every Atari enthusiast.”

Enthusiasts eager to don these stylish relics from the gaming past can pre-order their Atari Club Members Only jackets until December 15, with shipments expected to commence by March. For those looking to secure a discount on these unique jackets, sign up for an Atari Club account at presents an exciting opportunity. The countdown has begun, and the revival of Atari’s iconic jackets is set to transport gamers back in time with a touch of contemporary flair.

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