Atari Revealed The ATARI VCS VAULT and Wireless Classic Joystick for VCS Console

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Atari is soon to launch the Atari VCS console, and gamers will soon be able to get the Atari VCS Vault for absolutely free. The VCS Vault will come with 100 classic Atari games that have now been tweaked for use with the Wireless Classic Joystick. In addition, gamers can pay $4.99 for Atari VCS Vault Vol. 2 which will add even 50 more games. Check out the complete list of games in the Atari VCS Vault here and the extra 50 games from Atari VCS Vault Vol. 2 here.

This is not it, Atari also revealed a video showing off the Wireless Classic Joystick complete with a rumble and awesome LED effects. I absolutely love the controller and the games look absolutely fun to play, I cant wait to add this console to the collection.

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