Atari Unveiled Their Retro Wood Veneered Portable 2600 with a Promo Video

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Atari released something really cool for the retro fans! They have two new portable products for you to enjoy including an Atari Retro Handheld and the Atari Plug & Play Joystick!

These each has the classic retro style of the original Atari 2600. Each of them offers a selection of 50 classic games.

The Atari Retro Handheld in has that classic wood veneered style as the original 2600 console and it’s priced at $45.50. I really like the look of this! It also comes with a 2.4-inch color screen. It also includes an A/V output for at-home play as well.

The Atari Plug & Play Joystick is meant for people to play at home, but you can take it anywhere with you because the system has been streamlined in a unit that looks like the original Atari joystick controller with a new “arcade-style” button on top of the controller. That will run fans $32.55.

Some of the games that can enjoy are Asteroids, Pong, Centipede, Missile Command, Breakout, Millipede, and several other classics. I’ve included a full list for you below the promo videos.

Both products are scheduled to launch on October 26th in the UK and are available for pre-order now via UK retailers. It doesn’t appear that the products have been confirmed for a US release just yet.


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