Atari VCS Console Revealed At GDC 2018

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Atari VCS Console

The new console is revealed at the Game Developers Conference 2018 (GDC 2018) they also announced the delay of the crowdfunding campaign for the Atari VCS console will start sometime next month during April 2018.

Atari VCS console is still under wraps at this time, but Atari has earlier indicated that the games console would be a Linux-powered PC system, equipped with an x86 processor. Making it capable of playing both new and classic retro games which will include classic Atari titles.

Atari VCS Console

Atari games console comes with iconic styling and includes a wooden panel, classic Atari joystick and a modern games controller similar to that created by Microsoft for the Xbox platform.

Atari VCS Console

No official price information is known as yet. But, rumors have suggested that the pricing of the Atari VCS will be somewhere in the range from $250-$300 but it is not confirmed as yet.



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