Attack on Titan Screenshots Reveal Levi and Hange

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 Attack on Titan

Koei Tecmo released a new set of screenshots and some details off their upcoming fantasy action game, Attack on Titan.

 Attack on Titan

Here are the details from the publisher:

■ Characters

Trainee Corps

  • Levi Ackerman (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya)
  • Hange Zoe (voiced by Romi Park)
  • Eld Jinn (voiced by Susumu Chiba)
  • Oluo Bozado (voiced by Shinji Kawada)
  • Gunther Schultz (voiced by Kozo Mito)
  • Petra Ral (voiced by Natsuki Aikawa)
  • Moblit Berner (voiced by Rintaro Nishi)


  • The Titan that ate Ilse
  • Sonny
  • Bean

 Attack on Titan

■ Action

In this game, just like the Survey Corps from the anime and manga, you can enjoy battles in the world outside the walls that protect mankind from the Titans. There are many situations outside the walls different from within inside the walls, and also a change in fighting style.

Giants will destroy buildings. Even the rooftops are not a safe zone.

Including episodes to capture Titans outside the wall, a variety of situations that will absorb you into the original work are being prepared.

Outside the walls, there are places where the 3D Maneuver Gear cannot function. In situations like these, you’ll travel by horse.

Rescuing your allies and adding to your ranks will become one of your basic duties outside the wall. Among the characters you’ll play are Levi and Hange, whom are particularly strong in combat capability.

 Attack on Titan

■ Event

Story (Chapter Two)

Just before the Trost District wall is destroyed by the Colossal Titan, the most elite of the Survey Corps departed on a mission outside the walls.

The main purpose of this mission is to make a strategic movement towards the recapture of Wall Maria, which fell five years prior.

Communications bases were established in the ruined towns and villages, and the main mission is to guarantee a march route for dispatching a battalion to the Shiganshina District, where the wall is destroyed.

While fighting the Titans outside the wall, in addition to securing the march route, the Survey Corps will bequeath new discoveries and results.

 Attack on Titan

■ Camp

In this game, there will be an everyday part where you can enjoy ordinary conversation with characters and such. This time, we get a look at conversations at a communications base outside the wall.

As Levi, you can run around the camp, confirm armaments, modify weapons, and make preparations for your departure for the front while enjoying conversation with other characters. By talking to important characters at camp, you’ll be able to play new episodes.

 Attack on Titan

■ Stage

This week we get a look at the “Rural Outskirts” and “Ruined City” stages, both located outside the wall and both former residential areas where the Survey Corps will do battle with Titans.

Attack on Titan developed by Omega Force, will release in February 2016 in Japan and sometime next year in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.


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