Why AVG Antivirus is The Best Smartphone Security Tool

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 AVG Antivirus

The subject whether you need a third-party security software on your mobile device is debatable, some are supporting the idea that relying on operating system’s built-in security tool is more than enough to cover your phone security at the device level and as well as in the cloud. But there is the other part that believes taking measures on your own will improve your general security and even add to what manufacturer provides.

Google and Apple take your own safety seriously and use antivirus software that is pre-loaded on your device to monitor it against malware’s continuously and as well include these secret antiviruses on their respective app stores. Although this security is usually to keep you safe, occasionally hackers figure out ways to bypass them and infect millions of devices worldwide. The latest case happened with the Judy Malware, a phishing virus that kept hidden among apps on Play Store for years and might have infected over than 36 million Android devices at global scale. It is considered the largest malware campaign by far, and you’re lucky if you were not infected by downloading one of 40 apps that contained it.

The manufacturer protection will keep your device safe from potentially installing viruses via application downloads on the official app store and secure your cloud account. But they will not detect infected web pages, app downloads from other than official app stores, or any file download you may install by browsing the Internet. In case you choose to unleash everything your smartphone by rooting your device, the default protection may drop to zero, and you are easy prey for the simplest virus attacks.

If opting for taking measures on your own and installing a third party security software for additional protection on your device, the available pick-up tools are in hundreds. Although there are countless of antivirus software for mobile that does guarantee some protection, only of few of them have enough reputation for a recommendation. One of those is the AVG Antivirus. The smartphone security tool of 100 million users that rated it a stable of 4.5 stars on the app stores is enough to make anyone trust it.

The AVG Antivirus comes with a dual-engine antivirus scanning tool that monitors apps, games, and files while they are installed and also scans them upon installation. It also scans web pages for any hidden spyware and checks WiFi viruses for malicious redirections upon the connection that may lead you to infected websites. You probably didn’t know, but WiFi connections may launch your mobile browser to an URL once you sign in.

AVG is not a random antivirus for mobile. It dedicates its self to being an all-in-one smartphone security tool — by far, it certainly is one of the best. If you install it by following the free AVG Antivirus app download link, you can benefit from much more than having your device virus-free. It allows you to lock-up files that you consider too personal with a passcode and makes them inaccessible to anyone but you. Block text messages and calls from unwanted numbers, track your mobile data plan usage, and optimize storage space in your device and SD card. Also, AVG will also come in rescue in case you lose your smartphone. It has a built-in feature to find a lost phone that enables you to make your lost device ring, lock it with a passcode and force its cameras to snap images once there are failed attempts and have them delivered to your email, or in worst scenario, keep everything your device contains by erasing everything on it.



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