Awesome Beer Tasting Set

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Beer Tasting Set

A different glass for each beer. The shape of glass is key to unlocking the rich flavors of a craft brew.

8 or 6 unique glass styles for different types of beer.

This set is perfect for serving a variety of beers, including ale, IPA, stout, porter brown ale, strong ale, hyper-beers & more.

Glass Guide for 8-Piece Set:

– 15 oz. hand mug: lighter ale (the handle keeps the hand away from the beer helping to keep it cold)

– 20 oz. English pub glass: dark English ales

– 16.5 oz. Munique: Belgian style and other light-colored ales

– 19.25 oz. dimple stein: lighter ales

– 16 oz. Belgian: Belgian ales, IPAs, dark robust beers like stouts

– 20.25 oz. Grand Service: Abbey and Trappist Ales, Barley wines

– 23 oz. giant beer: light pilsners, American lagers

– 15.25 oz. footed ale: wheat beers, pale lagers

Glass Guide for 6-Piece Set:

– 11.8 oz. wheat beer glass

– 8.5 oz. tulip glass

– 8.5 oz. Porter/stout glass

– 8.5 oz. pilsner glass

-10 oz. cognac glass

– 10 oz. stange glass



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