Awesome Gearhead Shifter Pen

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 Gearhead Shifter Pen

As you may have realized by now, our Pens & Writing Collection is anything but ordinary. The Gearhead Shifter Pen is the newest addition, and fits in quite well. It was especially designed for the car enthusiast.The 5-speed H-pattern gearshift operates just like the real thing no clutch needed! A close cousin to our best-selling Steampunk Pen, the Gearhead Antique Pewter Pen is the perfect gift for any car enthusiast. Authenticity abounds; The cap features a car tire with a true to life tread and hubcap.

 Gearhead Shifter Pen

The tip features the same tire tread as the cap. The shifter handle includes an etched five-speed pattern. The body of the pen is made from IndianWater Buffalo Horn.And the industrialized crowbar clip attached to the body with two small screws rounds out the design.If he were still alive, Steve McQueen would probably own this pen.Handmade from Indian Water Buffalo HornGearshift operator in Pewter


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