Awesome Kids Sand Excavator

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Awesome Kids Sand Excavator

This is the sit-on excavator that lets children dig through the sand like a real backhoe. It is alot of fun for kids and to be honest this is very tempting even for me.

Small enough to fit in a backyard sandbox and lightweight enough to bring to the beach, its hinged boom, serrated bucket, and swiveling seat allow for optimal digging, scooping, and dumping.

Awesome Kids Sand Excavator

With two hand controls, children raise and lower the boom, directing the bucket’s teeth to dig for treasure and collect a mound, while the seat swivels 360° to deposit the load on the opposite side of the job site.

The seat’s contoured shape, along with the padded handlebars, ensure comfort throughout a long work shift.

Sturdy metal frame and four legs for stability.



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