Awesome Multiplayer Titles You Might Have Missed

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Although all those Fortnite and Overwatch lead millions to addiction, there are still not for everyone. At we love the classic chamber multiplayer for 2-4 players, so we decided to share some of our favorites. However, they’re not the titles that come to mind at the forefront, but some niche experiences that are not so popular, though, stunning.


Finding Bigfoot

Some say that they skip this game just because its title is unattractive, and it’s easy to understand them. Actually, the name tells about the main goal – you’re supposed to find Bigfoot, but how fascinating it is! You can take a good friend of yours and explore dense snowy forests with trees scattered around steep mountainsides. This indie project doesn’t speculate on stylization and geeky cultural references like the majority of its competitors. Instead, it squeezes the power of the Unity engine to the full and amazes with a wonderful real world. The hunting simulation is also close to reality, although you have to catch Bigfoot that hasn’t been proved to exist yet. Gear up with bear traps, guns, and tracking bullets, and keep your eyes wide open! It’s a gorgeous, mysterious journey with horror elements and an unpredictable ending. Isn’t it thrilling? Catch the full review at GamesMojo.


Nidhogg Series

Classic fighting simulators are mostly hardcore tournaments that have nothing in common with leisure. Nidhogg is a fighting title that manages to combine simple-to-catch controls and mechanics with frantic fun, grungy visuals, and the awesome soundtrack by DJ Daedelus. In this fighting, you can battle face to face with a friend for hours without having any idea who’s going to win. Matches are usually short, but the urge to revenge will drive you both crazy. Every time you spawn, you get a random weapon that may be either deadly or absolutely useless, so you always have to adapt and invent new ways to kill. recommends the Nidhogg series to everyone who seeks bizarre 1v1 fighting. is a reinvented snake game transferred into a 2D semblance of battle royale and MMO. The game servers relaunch every 24 hours, providing you with an opportunity to become the longest and the thickest snake on the field. That’s pretty everything about the gameplay of Slitherio! It’s simple as a stick, but you’re guaranteed to love it for months or even years.


Gang Beasts

This game revolves around an idea of total chaos. No matter how many of you enter the ring, there’s always a chance that no one survives. You can easily fall down from the roof, drown in a pond, or just slip. Fighting mechanics are similarly unpredictable because the characters are clumsy ragdoll buddies that can hardly raise their arms to punch an opponent.


Ultimate Chicken Horse

Once a horse, chick, raccoon, and sheep met around the farm and decided to figure out who’s the best platformer player. The farm is full of various items for customizing levels in a random manner and then trying to complete them faster than your friends. No blood and gore – just endless hilarious quests for friendly competitions. recommends Ultimate Chicken Horse for evenings when you have a peaceful competitive mood.



At least one of these games will soon get into your favorites list for sure. Finding Bigfoot is perfect for long rainy evenings, will help you kill some time, while the rest can spice up your party when everyone’s tired to keep dancing.



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