Awesome Outex Smartphone Waterproof Case

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Outex Smartphone Waterproof Case

If you are a person who loves the beach and take a lot of selfies near any body of water and want to save your smartphone from water damage or take your smartphone under the waves to capture your adventures, today we have a new smartphone waterproof case called the Outex. Fully enclosing your smartphone in a protective case the Outex also provides an easy way to steady your smartphone and includes a photo and video action trigger to enable recording without the need to tap your touchscreen.

Outex Phone Kit

The Outex waterproof case is able of taking your phone to depths of 10 m or 33 feet underwater.

“Take advantage of your phone’s image-capture capabilities in any environment with confidence. Get professional results from a proven water-housing in the space. Outex is now applying its patented engineering towards smartphones, so you can also take advantage of the camera that’s always on you. Don’t get caught without protection. We’ve got you covered.”

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the waterproof smartphone case which is now available via Kickstarter with early bird pledges from $99.


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