Awesome Spare Table Lamp

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Table Lamp

One light-bulb burns, the other light-bulbs function as a lampshade, diffusing and spreading the light. The burning bulb will light up the other bulbs. When the bulb is burned out: simply screw the lamp-holder on to an other bulb.

Part of the design-collection of: “DESIGN MUSEUM GENT” in Belgium

Because of the new guidelines for light-bulbs, “SPARE” is re-designed for the future: build with 25 classic clear light-bulbs and 1 clear LED-bulb that looks just like a classic bulb. Now you can choose to let a classic bulb or a LED-bulb burn..After +/- 75 years all the bulbs are burned up. In a few years,when there are no regular bulbs left
anywhere, you will still enjoy the light of your “SPARE” bulbs.

25 clear glass light-bulbs+1 glass LED bulb 4 watt. 150 lumen. 220V. + E27 lamp-holder +2 meter cable + euro-plug. (220 to 110 volt adapter on request)


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